Sunday, September 14, 2008

And the Beat(ing) Goes On.

Seems that no matter which way I turn, the Obamanation keeps on rolling with it's usual punches. Between Axelrod refering to the McCain campaign as the "sleaziest" in recent history, or the usual gaffs that "Slow Joe" has managed, the Obama Campaign is showing itself to be either completely fucking clueless or is trying to run what I'd say is the dirtiest campaign I've ever seen. For Axelrod to call the McCain Campaign dirty make me want to say "Pot... this is the Kettle You're......(fill in appropriate blank)........" Mind you... if I complete this phrase, then I'm deemed (or anyone who completes it according to the Obamabots) a RACIST. Never mind that it's an accurate representation of the issue... just that they want to be able to use the "New-KEWL-Lar Option" of the 'race card.'

Which is what I think they WANT the McCain Campaign to do. I mean really... making fun of McCain for not being able to use a computer? Especially when in 2 minutes of a 'Google Search' ANYONE can find a link to the story in the Boston Globe stating implicitly that
“McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.”
I mean it's either cluelessness, or a planned instigation. Part of me wants to say that this is an intentional ratcheting up of rhetoric. I mean lets face it... supposedly all of Barry's people are pros. They've been around. They also know that McCain has had a reputation for shall we say "Anger Management Issues" in the past? What if this is all a plan to slowly push him to a detonation? I mean it sort of fits with modus operandii of the Democrats these days. Push McCain into a fit of pique and make sure the cameras are rolling. I mean the amount of "Gotcha" attempts against McCain and Palin have been unreal.

From Whoopie "Cushion" Goldberg on "The View" asking if she had to worry about being a slave again. Note to Whoopie: You are a multi-millionaire comediane (not in my book mind you) who's NEVER been anyone's slave... to imply such insults all of your ancestors, never mind having insulted John McCain with a vicious attack that he couldn't possibly defend against in a public forum that BaBaWaWa then went and backed you on... Throw in "The Atlantics" photos of McCain that make him look like some 'supervillian' and man, how much more do you need? How about 'Gibson's Gaffe' against Palin by way of manipulating her interview footage, to Randi Rhodes coming out from under her rock and laying into Palin in ways that could get you sued for libel... I'm telling you. These deluded assholes have me in a burn. It's amazing how they trash out all these people because they don't agree with their opinions on how the world should be.

I mean my God... if things were TRULY as bad as these Libtards and Dummycrats are spouting, well hell... lets face it. They wouldn't be spouting it because the Secret Police would have already rounded them up, marked them AND their families for death (not a bad idea in many respects) and trucked them off to those 'secret concentration camps that exist in the deserts of Arizona'... right next to the New World Order Black Helicopter Airport and the "United Nations" Force that is here to keep order when George Bush declares himself "King George the First."

See where I'm going with this?

Irrational Liberal Hatred seems to be becoming a genuine problem, if not an actual disease. Between "Bush Derangement Syndrome" and it's offshoot, "Palin Derangement Syndrome" and with less than 52 days +/- til the election, I got a hunch it's gonna be a lot uglier a lot sooner...

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